We are so thankful for the successful bat eradication which Twilight Bat
Control completed at our residence this summer. Bats in our attic was our
worst nightmare and we just didn’t know where to turn. We hoped in vain the
bats would disappear and we heard bits of folklore information – all
incorrect. When four sets of bat eyes glared at us in our patio umbrella we
had enough. We phoned an exterminator and thankfully he referred us to
Lorne at Twilight Bat Control.

Lorne and his staff at Twilight Bat Control were extremely helpful,
professional, approachable and thorough. They explained the entire bat
eradication process with great patience and displayed a very solid working
knowledge of bat control with 15 years experience. They completed the bat
removal task with great skill and perfection and immediately after the
process we have not heard a single sound in our attic. Oh, the peace and
quiet; not to mention the soothing of our nerves!

Thank you Lorne for the great service. We recommend your company to anyone
bothered by bats in their buildings and we appreciate your warranty on the
work provided- this makes double stress free service.
-A,K and T (gratefully bat free thanks to Lorne and staff at Twilight)

We had bought an older home (built in 1920) in the spring of 2011 not knowing that it also came with pets.  Bats…about 240 of them!  Since we have 4 small children in the house, we knew we had to do something about the problem as this was a huge health concern.  I researched on the Internet and found Twilight Bat Controllers, and spoke with Lorne , who reassured us that with his experience he would be able to safely and humanely remove the bats from our home as well as seal off all potential entry points to prevent further invasion.  Twilight Bat Controllers were efficient, discreet, effective, informative and a pleasure to deal with.  We would highly recommend their services, and our neighbors thank them too.

Tasha T. & Sebastian M.